DoomSword Empire & Ghost Legion

You’re probably wondering who the DoomSword Empire and the Ghost Legions are. Here’s some info.

DoomSword Empire
The DoomSword Empire are abhumans. Through the course of time, they evolved. They resemble humans, but are stronger, faster, and a little smarter than average humans. DoomSwords wear armor (the version right now is called Magma-Vein) with a plexiglass visor. It filters air inside so DoomSwords can travel anywhere. They carry more advanced projectle weapons. The Rifle C-78 can punch a hole through steel. There are two classes of DoomSwords in their hierachy. DoomSword Soldiers carry a Rifle C-78, with heavy armor. The DoomSword Bosses have lighter armor, and carry Dual JEC-913 UZIs.

Ghost Legions
Ghost Legionaires are complete aliens. They barely have a physical body. Being harmless in that state, they constructed a suit of armor that is able to shape their essence into a body. When not wearing armor, they look like a wisp of mist. When they are wearing armor, they look like armored beings with glowing eyes through their unidentified transparent material. The Ghost Legionaires are fantastically advanced. They carry plasma weapons. The Ghost Legion soldiers carry a rapid fire CS Plasmic Bloom gun. The Ghost Legion Generals carry a slow firing, but devastating advanced B-2 Railgun.

Earth II: Earth II is the new home for the humans. Earth II is in the Krilo System; it is a neighbor of the Solar System.
Ghythur: The home of the Ghythurians. Ghythur is ten parsecs away from Earth II. It is a tropical planet with few extreme cold or hot areas. (More information on the Ghythurians in the Aliens section)
Corang: The home of the Corangnites. Corang is just at the edge of the Krilo System. It contains mostly forests but there are a few extremely hot zones. (More information on the Corangnites in the Aliens section)
Doox: The home of the Dooxians. Doox is a sulphur planet that is neighbor to Corang. Due to the sulphur, it is boiling hot even while being far away from the sun with a gravity only 3/4 times Corang’s. The Meechuw asteroid belt gives a border between Corang and Doox. (More information on the Dooxians in the Aliens section)
Utileg: The home of the Utilens. Utileg is four light-years away from Doox and Corang. It is freezing cold. (More information on the Utilens in the Aliens section)
Byur: Home of the Byurans. Byur is one light-year away from Ghythur. The planet used to be lush but due to manufacturing companies, it is very polluted. There are only a few Byurans left on Byur. (More information on the Byurans in the Aliens section)
Z-56: A barren dwarf planet 6 light-years away from Ghythur. It it not inhabited but has been refitted as a base for the Ghost Legion.
Queryd: The home planet of the Ghost Legion. Queryd is 78 light-years away from the Krilo System. The planet has only microscopic life forms for the true bodies of the Legionaires to feed on.
Hjert: A neighborhooding planet of Byur. After a series of quantum effects, half of the planet is cold, the other half is warm. (More information on Hjertans in Aliens section)
Grimzbhoy: Home of the Grimboys. Grimzbhoy is covered in forests, with a few deserts. (More information on the Grimboys in Aliens section)
Kghader: The former home of the Kghaderans. Most of the natives have been exterminated, while a horde of monstrous beasts called the Yyranoids inhabit Kghader. (More information on the Kghaderans and Yyranoids in Aliens section)

Ghythurians: Ghythurians are warmblooded mammals that resemble blue striped leopards that walk on their hind legs. The front legs should have ended in paws, but they have clawed hands. Unlike a real leopard, they cannot retract the claws and the claws are short. Ghythurians value nature and build domes over their cities to prevent pollution. Their government consists of a Senate, with an elected Chancellor for the head of the Senate. Their weapons technology are usually poisons like gas bombs and acid rifles.
Corangnites: Corangnites resemble a cross of a snake, bat, ostrich, and gorilla. From the waist down, their body is ostrich. The chest is slightly gorilla-ish, except the fact it’s tinted with a green blue purple color. The hands are also gorilla-ish, with the same green blue purple fur color. The head is all snake. The only difference that two furry bat ears are mounted on the head. Behind their back are two small bat wings. They cannot fly with the wings but it can get them out of trouble in a pinch. Corangnite government is monarchy, with a king who rules. The king rules the land, while governors of each town obey the king. Corangnite weapons technology consists of sonic weapons.
Dooxians: Dooxians are almost like crustaceans, their bodies covered in a bleached shell. They only have one eye, which is mounted on one stalk where their head is supposed to be. The mouth is on the chest. The hands are crabbish claws. The Dooxians have no government. Their weapons technology consists of heat weapons.
Utilens: Utilens are hulking giants about 8 to 10 feet tall, covered in fur. Utilens happen to like living in packs, almost like wolves. The pack is made up of an alpha male, several females and some low males. The alpha male has large tusks. They don’t see very well, so they rely on their incredible hearing and smell. They are primitive, so their weapons are just spears and clubs.
Byurans: Byurans, in fact, resemble the “classic aliens” with the large heads, large black eyes, but the skin tone is various colors. Even their ships are “flying saucers.” The only part is that they are civilized, wear clothes, do NOT fly around and capture dweebs from the woods to perform absurd medical experiments on them, and they don’t really even get why they should conquer the world. Byurans are business aliens, only caring about money or other items of value. They do not have their own weapon designs, only purchasing them from other races. The government is a republic.
Hjertans: The Hjertans are perhaps one of the few strange races of the galaxy. There are two classes of Hjertans, or Hjastas in their language: The Sand Hjastas and the Frost Hjastas. The Hjertans resemble a buff human with the head of a dragon. The feet and hands are clawed. The Sand Hjastas have reddish orange skin. The Frost Hjastas have white skin. The two classes are bitter enemies, always locked in constant warfare. The ones who are off-planet work as mercenaries and smugglers, which allowed them to attain technology. Sand Hjastas use heat weapons like Dooxians, Frost Hjastas inverted the heat technology to freeze weapons. Both classes have a monarchy government, with a Sand Emperor and a Frost Emperor as the ruler of either class.
Grimboys: Grimboys are squattish, hulking green brutes who, though seemingly meaty, are actually plantlike. Grimboys’ only motive is to prove they are the best and destroy anybody who gets in the way. They are in fact childish: Their ranks consists of “noobs” and “bosses.” Grimboys use the olden human weapons, except it’s bulkier and deadlier. Grimboys are surprisingly herbivores, only eating plants. When a Grimboy is killed, they explode in a cloud of spores, which within twenty four Standard hours, spawn another rowdy crowd of Grimboys.
Kghaderans: The Kghaderans are peace loving aliens that is known for their great scientific research and knowledge. Kghaderans have tan skin spotted with black, and wear loose fitting garments. The head sometimes have hair, sometimes don’t. Their eyes and blue and shot with purple. Their former government was like the humans’.
Yyranoids: This horde of deadly beasts were in fact, a project of the Kghaderans. The Kghaderans had hoped to use these beasts to protect Kghader. Unfortunately, they were too hard to control. The beasts broke free and quickly overran Kghader, eating and using organic compounds to produce more Yyranoids. Wherever a Yyranoid swarm is, a Living Hive is sure to follow. The capital city of Kghader, Khades, has a gigantic Living Hive that endlessly pumps out billions of Yyranoids. Yyranoids come in many forms. The common Yyranoids are Hadenos Yyranoids, a swarm of something one may call “land piranhas.” All Yyranoids resemble red and black skeletal lizardlike monsters.