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Hello everyone, welcome to Huba Village where everyone goes crazy reading the stories (literally) and get a headache! Read all of the stories, and watch the movies! A world of insane and madness is here!

News! Wariuk: The War Game Handbook is currently being written by me, the Author!

I’ll be changing the permalinks on the pages soon so you can figure out which page you’re at!

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Cho tất cả người lớn, hãy đọc những chuyện của Ngu.
NEW NOTICE: Not only the fallen behind Ngu stories are up, now ALL the old old old stories are up in “Chuyện Ngắn” series! They’re the “Vietnamese” version of Random Shorts, but are NOT translated from Random Shorts. Enjoy!

I’m kinda running behind on my website service so pardon me eh?

Maybe sometime after 2020, I’ll make a few games to go with the website.
1) Epic Warfare: Dark Ages The DoomSword Empire and the Ghost Legion are at war since the dawn of the century! Choose your side! DoomSwords are ab-humans, Ghost Legion are complete alien! DoomSwords preserve, Ghost Legions destroy!
2) Epic Warfare: Nova Once again, the DoomSword Empire are at war with the Ghost Legion! This time, rather than fight in medieval ages, we are at war 10 millenium in the future!
3) Zombie Survival The world has been infested and infected by. . . zombies!? Create your Zombie Slayer, arm yourself with weapons, and travel the world! Find friends, create bases, salvage weapons and ammo, destroy zombies! Don’t let the zombies bite; you or your friends will be next to join the undead feeding frenzy!
4) Saber Lords Awesome game of stickmen and lightsabers! Customize your stickman, arm yourself with a lightsaber, travel to planets, fight hordes of enemies, or challenge another stickman to awesome lightsaber PvP combat! Can you prove yourself a true Saber Lord?
5) War Game The game I’ve been talking about. Become a conqueror/general/savage/etc., build your army, claim territory, and attempt to take Wariuk as your own realm! Just don’t expect it to be easy, there’s a large surprise after a few years of the War Game. . .
6) Chinese Empire This is like the War Game, except it takes place in China! Become the most feared Chinese Emperor, claim an empire, and defeat real life Chinese emperors like Qin Shi Huangdi!
7) Random Campaigns Sorry about this, Juice-Tin, but I’m gonna use the Raze idea to make a new game! This is an MMORPG, where there are knights, cavemen, modern soldiers, demons, and totally random from the dinosaur ages to the future battles! You’ll see my point when it comes out.

Sneaky peeky on my new series (Which is live as you can see):
“Whoa, Bob! Pull up! Pull up!” KRAKOW! KRAKOW! “I can’t!” cried Bob. “The Ghost Legion ship is on my tail!”
“Stay frosty then, I’m coming in!”
Jim pulled the controls and the DoomSword fighter dipped at the spectral outline of a Ghost Legion ship. The targeting computer locked on. 3. . . 2. . . KRAKOW! KRAKOW! “Augh!” shouted Jim. The Ghost Legion ship had sighted Jim and fired. The first shot took out his engine. The second punched a hole through the cockpit. Within seconds, Jim’s fighter pummeled at the Ghost Legion ship.