The Author: A mysterious person who also happens to speak almost all languages. Who else do you think owns this website?

Stu: One of the Author’s best characters. Unfortunately, Stu drives the Author crazy with his wisecracks. He scams a lot of people to get money and uses it to buy some Barbie dolls. :shock:

Jim: The tutor of Huba Village. The best kind. It’s a wonder how no one has shown up since.

Joe: The motorcyclist. He’s so serious the Author wonders how Joe came to be at Huba Village.

Jack: Your average person. Jack hasn’t done anything worth the notice.

Ngu: It’s just Stu when he lived in Viet Nam.

The Grim Reaper: He’s the Executioner of the Underworld and he’s actually the Author’s best friend and partner….

The Suicide Squad: The mostly starring characters of DUN DUN DUN DUN stories. Their job is exactly what it says. Somehow, it’s funny they all live as long as the look.

Tom: The starring of the Suicide Squad and Stu’s cousin.

Tim: The next member of the Suicide Squad and the zookeeper of Huba Village.

Tack: The third member of the Suicide Squad. He’s the banker.

Emma: She’s the hottest girl of Huba Village. Even the Author can’t stand her charms. She’s the librarian (and is the four eyed girl in the background.)

The Screw Up Squad: The next absolute idiots of Huba Village. They star in the Smiley Stuff :mrgreen: and they SCREW UP in every which way you can imagine.

Bom: The first member of the Screw Up Squad. He’s the more or less leader of the Squad.

Bim: The second member of the Screw Up Squad. He got fired as a gate guard.

Back: The third bumbling member of the Screw Up Squad. He bumbles really badly.

Bob: Stu’s neighbor. He’s not exactly annoying.

Blind Guy: Stu’s annoying neighbor. He doesn’t see very well and almost all the time falls flat on his face. He bought some glasses in Part 2 though :grin: Oh, for another, “Blind Guy” has been shortened to “Bluy.”

Repi: Our next client who owns a whole new category. He suffers Reppititionritis. It’s a rare disease in Huba Village. Read the story and find out what the sickness does.

Fogo: The new neighbor of Stu. Fogo is short for “Forgot.” He really does live up to his name.